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Welcome to the official online shop Cavicchi Billiards, brand that guarantees excellence since 1938. In this online store you can find cheap and commercial billiards, billiards on offer of the month, used and expositive billiards.

With this sales efforts through the online store addressed to public, Cavicchi Billiards wants to make available to customers also simple products of the standard and commercial category. The exposed price are inclusive of 22% Vat.

The Cavicchi's online shop will be a useful reference tool for many passionate customers who come for the first time in the world of billiards, complements and games, for understand a series of technical information, dimensional and costs.

In the online store, where every commercial item from the cheapest to most valuable is carefully researched and meticulously examined by Cavicchi Billiards there are not only billiards, but also:

  • accessories and equipment for billiard cues
  • football tables
  • ping-pong
  • Jukebox
  • furnishings
  • games and curiosities.

featured products

[Cod. 10178]

CUE RACK in Elegant Design in Black fine lacquer, made ​​to hold the accessories of game ( balls chalks etc ...) through...

€ 168,01
(vat included)

Table Tennis Ping Pong Primat
[Cod. 10168]

Resin floor stratified 4 mm thickness, steel frame anticorrosion / scratch resistant.Folding system Compact Technol...

€ 560,00
(vat included)

Luxury Professional Ninepins
[Cod. 10097]

Goriziana Italiana Furniture 9 NinepinsAll Covered in Pure Silver 99,9% Perfect for the game and for a awesome gift.&nbs...

€ 35,00
(vat included)

In Style Classic Used Billiard
[Cod. 10073]

Classic Italian Billiard with Narrow Holes in 800' StyleCovered in Walnut with six Luigi XVI BasesComplete with Wall Cue...

€ 8.799,99
(vat included)

Roulette Box with all the Accesories
[Cod. 10142]

Elegant Configuration for the Roulette Game  Contained in an elegant box in black lacquer matte finishes with Brass...

€ 500,00
(vat included)

Revolution cue
[Cod. 10150]

Dismountable Cue into 2 pieces, tip natural maple wood, quality controlled.The joint with screw system is in steel. ...

€ 100,00
(vat included)

New products


Supernova Cue
[Cod. 10158]

Semi Professional Performance of American Style.Captivating Graphics For Pool GameSPECIFICATIONS:WOOD: MapleJOINT: ...

€ 140,00
(vat included)

Black or White 8 Ball Cue Holder with 9 places
[Cod. 10184]

Black or White 8 Ball Cue Holder with 9 places with eight ball form.Size: cm 39 x 31 ...

€ 160,00
(vat included)

products on offer


[Cod. 10072]

USED EXPOSITIVE POOL BILLIARDThe Diamond Pool Billiard is a professional billiard table project by Cavicchi wi...

€ 3.800,00 €4.900,00
(vat included)

Parigi Pool Billiard Expositive Without Table Cover
[Cod. 10071]

USED EXPOSITIVE Pool PARIGIParigi Billiards 800 French style', of good workmanship and quality, made ​​of solid Dar...

€ 3.900,00 €6.500,00
(vat included)

Used Billiard in Bar Style
[Cod. 10074]

Italian Billiard with Narrow Hole with Classical Structure with Four Bases Bar StyleCompletely regenerated and in perfec...

€ 5.500,00 €9.300,00
(vat included)

Olympico Pool Table 224 Expositive
[Cod. 10185]

New Expositive Olympico Pool Table in Black Matt Lacquer with Crome Details.OLYMPICO POOL TABLE ( Standard Dimension )Pl...

€ 3.200,00 €5.400,00
(vat included)

Gotha Pool Billiard Without Table Cover
[Cod. 10041]

The Gotha Pool Billiard is a model of billiard table in classic style.It is made entirely in solid wood with d...

€ 3.540,00 €5.900,01
(vat included)

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