Soccer Table Opera Ninja Turtle

Foosball Table Opera Ninja Turtle

The Foosball Table OPERA NINJA TURTLE original, of great elegance and design.

Characteristics of Soccer Table Opera Ninja Turtle

The Foosball Table Opera Ninja Turtle is 'made ​​with wooden strips, superior quality', padded and upholstered in fine leather ''Turtle'' makes this a real 
''unique'' Soccertable.

The beautiful and design mold adjustable bases for "Stylized sabre" and "project Cavicchi, are produced in a barrel full metal lacquered on request and customization, to date even from the highest quality finish and polished steel or gun metal finiture. 

The game plan is in crystal, the background is in glossy black, and other customizations like the silver lines of the playing field.

Many, varied and elegant chrome and glossy finishes,  as the original scoreboard pearly, with pearly beads created using just on chrome frame, and much more, make this "Project" realization, a true "work of art", a "touch original and classy" to be placed without delay in important and prestigious environments.

The Foosball Table Opera Ninja Turtle dimension are : 140 x 76 x 86