Opera "F1 Scuderia" Soccer Table

Foosball Table F1

The Opera F1 Soccer Table is an exclusive version of the opera soccer table design, in the special and exclusive lacquer red glossy that recall "famous Italian racing team".

PDF Productions Catalog  "Luxury Book Cavicchi"

Characteristics of Opera "F1 Scuderia" Soccer Table

The extreme care of the realization of the Opera F1 Soccertable are in the detail and in the finishes , all mirror chromed with bases in Steel Finish. The scorekeepers are realized with gloss metal chrome and the sphere are mother of pearl. The knobs are in real Leather and are in the some tone of the Red Lacquer of the soccertable.

All the stitches are handmade. 

All these details make the Soccertable Opera F1 a real Trend and character jewel.


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