MURANO VENICE Pool Billiard the uniqueness and exclusivity 100% Made in Italy

CAVICCHI MOD. Murano Venice " UNIQUE PIECE " is a billiard of the EXCLUSIVE CATEGORY by the marked characteristics of uniqueness' value, and refined elegance; realized from the historic experience of the CAVICCHI BILLIARDS in symbiosis with the Venetian Masters brilliant artists in their furnaces, renowned and famous all over the world for the unique and inimitable Murano Crystal.

This pool table Unique and Exclusive unparalleled  mix of art and technology driven with extreme professionalism and quality by billiard Cavicchi, is the maximum expression Reserved to the elegant historic style, embellished with bases made ​​of Murano Crystal Fusion embellished with gold leaf inserted into the fusion of the crystal by learned "glassmakers" Venetians recognized around the world for their ancient technique and skills' arts.

Only months of collaborative work with a team of specialists each a leader in its role  dragged all a great passion, they can give life to a work like the pool table Cavicchi "Murano Venice" As part of the right category Exclusive 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Unique in its kind "Murano Venice"  'was devised in the Centre for Studies and Projects Cavicchi as "Unique Piece" testimonial of professionalism, preparation and competence, which Cavicchi want to make available from their primary customers always ready for new  exciting executive challenges that exalt their passion and productive vocation, which drags its owners since 1938, for  three generations.

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