Pool Table Princess Bicolor Ebony Makassar Wood

The Princess Pool Table in Ebony Makassar Wood is realized in Fine Gloss Ebony Makassar Wood with Four Bases in Chrome Finish - Gloss Lacquer on request.
Thanks to his Shapes and Modern Design Lines, Princess can be inserted in Awesome Environments where the research is not a detail.


Princess Bicolor Ebony Makassar Pool Table could be requested with Large Holes for American Pool, with Classical mid tight Holes for Double Game and also for the international game without holes. The Pocket Profile Can be padded in Leather (on request).
Princess Bicolor Ebony Makassar Pool Table is provided of Wood Top for Dining table trasformation in 3 parts (On Request).

  • Structure Frame in Strong worked metal
  • Sides in Black Matt finish
  • Coating in Polished Ebony Makassar Wood finish
  • Lower Profiles in Black Matt finish
  • Bases in Polished Chrome  finish 
  • Large or Narrow Pocket on Choice
  • Playing Field: rectified slate by Cavicchi and rigorously 100% made in Italy
  • Pocket Padded in Leather
  • Cloth: colour on choice


  • Top Wood Cover in 3 Sections in Polished Ebony Makassar Wood or black matt finish on choice
  • Disappearing metal structure to put the top sections under the pool table (not Available for 9 ft Dimension).


Playing Field - Dim. External
cm 180 x   90 - 212 x 122  (6 ft) 
cm 200 x 100 - 232 x 132  (7 ft) 
cm 220 x 110 - 252 x 142  (8 ft) 
cm 254 x 127 - 286 x 159  (9 ft)  with six bases
Special DIMENSION on Request.


Request the rendering of "Your" Custom pool table.