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CHARACTERISTICS OF billiard table Pyramid

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The billiard mod. Pyramid is an important evolutive project of the Design "Diamond Shape", created from a structure "double shell" elegant and prestigious, supported by six full body bases, Cavicchi Style.

  • IVORY-WHITE PEARLED LACQUERING (color presented by the most famous car manufacturers for the launch of the new high quality models) and other lacquers on customization.
  • FULL-BODIED METAL BASES, designed by Exclusive Cavicchi Style.
  • Prestigious design POCKETS, of the innovative Cavicchi Style project, covered with leather on request.
  • BALL POINTS technically called "Diamonds" placed on the banks, with a particular rhomboid shape with personalized lacquering.
  • Original SLATE PLATE 100% made in Italy


  • Table Cover in four sections realized in the same lacquer as the billiard

Playing Field  -  Dim. External
cm 254 x 127 - 291 x 164  (9 ft)


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