Cavicchi Cheope Style Black Pool Table

Billiards-Table for trendy location

Pool Table Cavicchi Cheope Style Black is a classic and fine realization of easy insertion in any trendy, researched and elegant environment room.

Characteristics of Cavicchi Cheope Style Black Pool Table

  • Structure Frame in Strong worked metal
  • Sides in oak moorish wood or black matt finish
  • Coating in black matt finish
  • Bases in black matt lacquer and oak moorish wood finish 
  • Large or middle reduced Pockets on choice
  • Playing Field: rectified slate by Cavicchi and rigorously 100% made in Italy
  • Cloth: colour on choice 


  • Pockets padded in Leather
  • Top Wood Cover in 3 Sections in Oak moorish wood or black matt finish on choice
  • Disappearing metal structure to put the top sections under the pool table


Playing Field  -  Dim. External
cm 180 x   90 - 212 x 122  (6 ft) 
cm 200 x 100 - 232 x 132  (7 ft) 
cm 220 x 110 - 252 x 142  (8 ft) 
cm 254 x 127 - 286 x 159  (9 ft)  with six bases
Special DIMENSION on Request.


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