Canossa Lacquered + Provence Billiard

Classic Billiards-Table with Saber Tip

The Canossa Lacquered + Provence Billiard is a new version of Canossa Classic pool table entirely made of solid wood with custom lacquering on request.

The billiard Canossa Version Provence combined the custom lacquer to upper sides in Precious Woods like Natural Oak or whitened ecc...

Characteristics of Canossa Lacquered + Provence Pool Table

Designed with very elegant bases with sabre-pointed carving, this Canossa Lacquered + Provence Pool table is equipped with a three-section cover to turn it into a perfect antique table for up to 10/12 people. 
As Canossa Lacquered + Provence Pool table is made in Italy by Cavicchi, it can be produced in every requested dimension.
The Lacquered Provence Canossa Billiard's holes can be made in large classical pool dimensions as well as in reduced dimensions, to make them user-friendly even with small billiard hand-balls for bowling or, in the Italian way, with skittles.


Playing Field - Dim. External 
cm 180 x   90 - 220 x 110  (6ft) 
cm 200 x 100 - 240 x 140  (7ft) 
cm 220 x 110 - 260 x 150  (8 ft) 
cm 254 x 127 - 294 x 167  (9 ft)  with six bases 
Special DIMENSION on request.

Request the rendering of "Your" Custom pool table.



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