Canossa Style Billiard

Billiard table-stylized in durmast

The Canossa Style Billiard is a special version of the billiard-table Canossa, stylized and transformed into a more modern and synthetic version.

Characteristics of Canossa Style Billiard

Thanks to its essential shapes, Canossa Style is the ideal pool table to be customized in any lacquering tone: monochromatic and/or bichromatic, glossy/matte, fitting perfectly in any environment.
Canossa Style pool table's holes can be made in large classical pool dimensions as well as in reduced dimensions, to make them user-friendly even with small billiard hand-balls for bowling or, in the Italian way, with skittles. 
The black latex material, in the holes, suitable for absorbing blows, can be padded in leather and customized (on request).
Canossa Style pool table is equipped with an elegant three-section cover (optional) to turn it into a perfect dinner or meeting table. 



Playing Field - Dim. External 
cm 180 x   90 - 220 x 110  (6ft) 
cm 200 x 100 - 240 x 140  (7ft) 
cm 220 x 110 - 260 x 150  (8 ft) 
cm 254 x 127 - 294 x 167  (9 ft) with six bases 
Special DIMENSION on request.


Request the rendering of "Your" Custom pool table.



  • Canaletto


  • Ebano


  • Foglia argento

    Foglia argento

  • Foglia argento Klimt

    Foglia argento Klimt

  • Foglia oro

    Foglia oro

  • Foglia oro Klimt

    Foglia oro Klimt

  • Noce


  • Perlato Lucido

    Perlato Lucido

  • Zebrano