Pashà Panther Billiard Pool Table

The art evolve the style and transform it in the Exclusive Luxury by Cavicchi recognized all over the World.
The Form and the Art of Pashà Pool Table make a author piece of design unique and inimitable.

Characteristics of Pashà Panther Pool Table

The Pool Table Pashà is realized for the maximum luxury italian style composed with more of dedicated and specials relief 300 inserts that decorate the billiards volume.
Only a Precious and accurated artistic decoration,each time, that cover all the decorated relief surface and fine Black Lacquer, can create the true magical sense of the art signed Cavicchi.

The Exclusive Pashà Panther Pool Table can Be realized also in the following version:

  • American Pool 
  • Russian Pyramid 
  • Snooker

Playing Field - Dim. External
American Pool

  • cm 254 x 127 - 302 x 180  (9 ft) with 4 Bases

Russian Pyramid - Snooker

  • cm 284 x 142 - 332 x 190 (10 ft) with 5 Bases
  • cm 320 x 160 - 368 x 208 (11 ft) with 5 Bases
  • cm 360 x 180 - 408 x 288 (12 ft) with 5 Bases