Industrial Pool Table

This exclusive billiard with lines brings the industrial Design to the maximum style and aesthetics.

Characteristics of Industrial Pool Table

The CAVICCHI billiards Exclusive Category mod. INDUSTRIAL is the maximum stylistic and aesthetic expression of the "Industrial design" style.

CAVICCHI mod. Industrial It is characterized by a particularly refined design in its originality, with the use of important materials, strong structures and details that recall the industrial equipment of the past.

The industrial Style doesn't hide but shows; relevant molds, beams, pipes, bolts etc…. all these structural aspects that any other style would have tried to hide, escape the perfection of mass-produced furniture and let the light highlight the workmanship and imperfections that the wear and tear of time has embellished.

The lines and volumes are taken to the extreme thanks to Cavicchi's technologies and workers; the design of the CAVICCHI mod. Industrial becomes innovative and unique
maintaining an absolutely performing functionality.

The CAVICCHI billiards mod. Industrial is a mix of chromatic effects and finishes selected through the application of apparently unusable objects and accessories, revisited and transformed into precious design details in brass, bronze and much more.

The strong structure of the planned base that can be divided into three sections is entirely made of solid metal, original mold design by Cavicchi reaches a total weight of about 200 kg, while the billiard body is made using the prestigious Canaletto Walnut wood worked with "saw cut" "and kept natural just to better respond to the Industrial style.

The CAVICCHI Exclusive Production Category billiards mod. Industrial is conceived and designed for prestigious environments of great glamor and charm where the strong reference to the Industrial Vintage Style is predominant.

- Stronge Metal Fusion Structure
- Upper Sided in natural Saw Walnut Wood Finish
- Large Pocket 
- Playing Field:  Rectified Slate in 3 sections by Cavicchi and 100% Made in Italy
- Leather Padded Pockets Colour on choice
- Cloth: Colour on choice

- Wood Table Cover in 3 sections Black or in the same finish as the pool table
- Special Lacquer bicolor (on request)


Playing Field  -  External Dimensions
cm 220 x 110  - 252 x 142  (8ft) 

Playing Field  -  External Dimensions
cm 254 x 127 - 286 x 159  (9 ft)