Millennium Leather Billiard Pool Table

Luxury and design Pool table with leather and wood

The Millennium Leather is a pool table of luxury and design as part of billiards Exclusive category project by Cavicchi.

Characteristics of Millennium Leather Pool Billiard Tables

Model from the great aesthetic impact in his design "Diamond Form" from our Arch. Giancarlo Cavicchi, Millennium Leather Billiard combine to the glamor of the Performing Design with finishes of great value, masterfully inserte by the from the multi-year experience of Cavicchi ebony carpenters.
These and other customizations to better define an image of Millennium Leather Billiard like an exaltation of design and luxury that always represent regorously the Cavicchi Made in Italy.
Embellished from a Leather padded in "primo Fiore" reptile, vintage and other on request always carefully selected and padded, in contrast with fine wood of the upper side realized in Walnut Wood vertical worked, in addition to Padded Pocket also in Fine Leather and completated by warps executed all by hand.

The profile that divides the two "shells" of the pool can be realized in valuable in

  • polished or satin steel,
  • brass, 
  • exclusive materials such as gold or silver leaf

and many other endless customization on request.


Playing Field  -  Dim. External
cm 254 x 127 - 302 x 180 (9 ft)
Special DIMENSION on request


Request the rendering of "Your" Custom pool table.