" F1 SCUDERIA " billiard with 5 Bases

Russian Pyramid Billiard Table

Special version of the Millennium Billiards designed for the Russian Pyramid, the " F1 SCUDERIA" with five bases is characterized by the presence of the 5 bases of support that ensure maximum stability of the pool table that, in this version, is produced with increased size.

Characteristics of "F1 SCUDERIA" billiard with 5 Bases

Elegant character of the " F1 SCUDERIA" with five bases has a wood trim completely gloss polyester red lacquer Ferrari Insipired with the possibility of total customized lacquering on request ( " F1 LACQUERED " ), in which you will be able to evaluate the possibility of using endless color variants. The finishes are of great value and meticulously executed make this special billiard Russian pyramid design a piece of great charm.


Playing Field  -  Dim. External
cm 320 x 160 - 368 x 208 (11 ft)  with 5 bases
cm 360 x 180 - 408 x 228 (12 ft)  with 5 bases
Special DIMENSION (9-10 ft) on request


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  • Foglia argento

    Foglia argento

  • Foglia argento Klimt

    Foglia argento Klimt

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    Foglia oro

  • Foglia oro Klimt

    Foglia oro Klimt

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    Perlato Lucido

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