F1 Pearled and lacquered billiard Pool Table 5 bases

Snooker and Russian Pyramid Billiards

Special version of the Millennium Billiards designed for the Russian Pyramid and Snooker, the Millennium Billiards 5 bases lacquered is characterized by the presence of the 5 bases of support that ensure maximum stability of the pool table that, in this version, is produced with increased size.

Characteristics of "F1 PEARLED" Billiard 5 bases

Elegant character of the Millennium 5 bases Lacquered Billiards has a wood trim completely gloss polyester lacquer with the possibility of total customized on request, in which you will be able to evaluate the possibility of using endless color variants. The finishes are of great value and meticulously executed make this special billiard Russian pyramid design a piece of great charm.

Playing Field  -  Dim. External
cm 320 x 160 - 368 x 208 (11 ft)  with 5 bases
cm 360 x 180 - 408 x 228 (12 ft)  with 5 bases
Special DIMENSION (9-10 ft) on request


Request the rendering of "Your" Custom pool table.



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    Foglia argento Klimt

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