Millennium Leather 5 bases Billiard Pool Table

Russian Pyramid Billiard

Special verion for Russian Pyramid the Millennium Leather 5 bases Billiard is a pool table of luxury and design as part of billiards category Design project by Cavicchi.

Characteristics of Millennium Leather 5 bases Billiard

Model from the great aesthetic impact, Millennium Leather Billiard is characterized by the presence of the five bases of support that ensure maximum stability of the game due to the increased size of the pool.
This pool table for Russian Pyramid is a further fusion of futuristic design and craftsmanship typical of many years of experience Cavicchi exclusive productions.
Lining and padded leather is carefully selected, this pool table is made with banks in precious wood walnut vertical ball points in elegant glossy black lacquer the lacquered finishes or in high-quality crystal, as well as holes in leather or reptile with vintage seams, hand.
These and other customizations to better define an image of 
Millennium Leather 5 bases Billiard like an exaltation of design and luxury Made in Italy.


Playing Field  -  Dim. External
cm 320 x 160 - 368 x 208  (11 ft)  with 5 bases
cm 360 x 180 - 408 x 228  (12 ft)  with 5 bases 
Special DIMENSION (9-10 ft) on request


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