Cavicchi Sinfonia Pool Table Esclusive Artwork Unique in the World

Pool table made with the finest woods in the world

Sinfonia billiard is made entirely of solid exotic Bubinga wood selected among the best wood in the world with prolonged natural seasoning at the fully stocked and historical woods deposit of Cavicchi billiard.

Each massive element of the object was created specially and is the result of multiple art and hi-tech passages for 18 months, some data can be emblem of this opera, each wood section has had 5230 culling passages and 12 hand sanding stages, the entire billiard is composed of 286 pieces completely dedicated to his realization and all rigorously hand assembled for a total weight of 2342 Kg.

Source of an accurate research and attention from Cavicchi billiard also for the massive wood treatment used  generating a special "fossil" finish, that combined with multiple and  rigorous passages of natural wax, helped to emphasize this unique and exclusive billiard in the world.

Each exclusive details of Sinfonia is absolutely unique, guided and artistically created with the expert hand of "ebony masters and builders" of Cavicchi billiard in perfect symbiosis with advanced technologies.
Precious artistic jewels identify the 18 ball points called "Diamonds" realized in precious metal embedded in the sides.


Particularly the essence used for the organic design, for the first time in the world for an artistic billiard vaunt a half  century of conservation and a used volume of 5,36 MC.

BALL POINTS 18 Diamonds realized in Steel and Brushed brass with customized reliev of Cavicchi brand.

PLAYING FIELD: realized in 25 mm Original Certified Slates from the most important quarries Made in Italy, equalized with diamond directly in our factory and always and only realized in 3 Sections singularly adjustable as all the professional executions.

RUBBERS: Artemis K66 professional for the most elevate sporting performances .

CLOTH: Gorina Professional  

Playing Field : 254 x 127 cm ( 9FT )
External Dimension: 312 x 180 cm