Billiard Accessories Offers

Improve your gaming experience

Cavicchi offers a wide range of accessories for your pool. The complements offered by Cavicchi enrich your gaming environment or your room.

Roulette Box with all the Accesories
[Cod. 10142]

Elegant Configuration for the Roulette Game  Contained in an elegant box in black lacquer matte finishes with Brass...

€ 500,00
(vat included)

Renzline Multicolor Gloves for Cues
[Cod. 10112]

Gloves for Cues Renzline Multicolor with Adjustable Velcro on the wrist.Indicative Picture and Color  ...

€ 25,00
(vat included)

Boccette Glove In licra
[Cod. 10103]

Boccette Glove in Licra , Black Colour...

€ 11,00
(vat included)

Ventura De Luxe Pool Accessory Kit
[Cod. 10115]

Ventura De Luxe Pool Accessory Kit contains the following accessories: 2 Maple cues with 13mm tip (2-pce) 1 set o...

€ 149,01
(vat included)

Lining for Cues
[Cod. 10104]

Nice For Protect your Personal Cue everywhere you want with Task for chalks and glove....

€ 22,00
(vat included)

Penknife for Cues
[Cod. 10105]

Penknife for Cues...

€ 3,81
(vat included)

Gold Chalk 2 Cubes
[Cod. 10106]

Gold Chalk 2 Cubes...

€ 4,97
(vat included)

LCD20 Clock
[Cod. 10093]

Electronic Clock for billiard Pool Table.Working with Battery.Dimension cm: 18,6 x 10,6 x 7,2 ...

€ 169,99
(vat included)

Renzline Boccette Glove
[Cod. 10107]

Multicolor Renzline Glove For Boccette game...

€ 28,00
(vat included)

Luxury Professional Ninepins
[Cod. 10096]

Italian 5 Luxury Professional ninepins Furniture.Silver 99% CoveredPerfect for the game and for a awesome gift. ...

€ 23,00
(vat included)

Luxury Professional Ninepins
[Cod. 10097]

Goriziana Italiana Furniture 9 NinepinsAll Covered in Pure Silver 99,9% Perfect for the game and for a awesome gift.&nbs...

€ 35,00
(vat included)

Number Set for Abacus
[Cod. 10099]

Number Set for Abacus...

€ 45,01
(vat included)

Abacus Chrome Frame
[Cod. 10100]

Luxury Abacus Chrome Frame...

€ 110,35
(vat included)

Blu Master Chalks with 12 Cubes
[Cod. 10102]

Package with 12 Cubes...

€ 3,70
(vat included)

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