Soccer Table Linear Ninja Turtle

Foosball Linear Ninja Turtle

The Foosball Table Linear Ninja Turtle, original, of great elegance and design and 'made ​​with wooden strips, superior quality', covered and padded in fine '' Turtle '' leather  makes this soccertable '' A UNIQUE PIECE ''.

Characteristics of Soccer Table Linear Ninja Turtle

Varied and elegant finishes in chromium: Linear Foosball table Ninja Turtle presents an original chrome scoreboard integrated on the dashboard with pearly beads stitch counter. These are some of the finishing touches that make this construction a true work of art. 

The game plan is in 'Crystal, glossy black, and the lines of the playing field are in silver.

Modern and trendy Bases , made in listellar timber full drum shaped parallelepiped, make this Foosball a "contemporary sculpture" of great design.

Foosball Table LINEAR NINJA TURTLE dimension : cm 140 x 76 x 86