Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find answers to the questions that are more frequently asked by our customers in the context of our activity.

Your exclusive products for whom are they designed?

The billiards, soccer table and all Cavicchi complements are designed for those looking for luxury products, not only to experience a top quality gaming experience, but also to f...

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Do you make professional billiard tables?

The Cavicchi billiard tables, besides being works of great value and prestige, can also be used in official competitions. Cavicchi sporting billiards, in fact, are made respectin...

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Do you make custom pool tables?

Thanks to the experience acquired in the sector, Cavicchi Biliardi is able to satisfy the requests of customers who require adapting billiards to the rooms, to meet their needs. ...

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How can I make my gaming room exclusive?

Cavicchi offers its customers the possibility of making the gaming room an exclusive environment, not only thanks to the billiards or soccer table, but also with compliments and ...

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What is the difference between a billiard and a billiard table?

The billiards-tables are tables for the game of billiards made with a special cover that allows you to transform them into real tables, suitable for lunches and dinners. This cat...

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What are the rules for playing billiards?

Billiards is an increasingly popular game and there are different and different game modes, called specialties. Cavicchi Biliardi provides a complete list with all the regulation...

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Can I request custom finishes on a soccer table?

The soccer tables made by Cavicchi are works created by professional artisans, who seek the utmost care in every detail and mechanism. Customers can therefore request customized ...

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